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 Real Folks


Links to reviews from the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News. Everyone loves to argue with reviewers but I find Craig LaBan's reviews from the Inquirer can be consistently trusted. LaBan brings tremendous experience, knowledge and eloquence to his articles, and I rarely find anything substantive to argue with, even if I might quibble about details (I've just about forgiven him for dissing Sang Kee's fried dumplings...)

Rich Pawlak has been writing some great food stories in the Daily News on Thursdays.


Reviews by Maxine Keyser, Elisa Ludwig and others.


Reviews from Lauren McCutcheon and others from the Philadelphia Weekly. Sorry, they keep moving the URL for this, so you'll have to dig from the main page, and it's in fairly small type near the bottom of the page.


Some food info from Philadelphia Magazine, and the often unreliable "Best of Philly" listings. Unfortunately, the excellent restaurant reviews by Maria Gallagher and others are rarely available on-line, I guess you'll have to buy the magazine...

philly style magazine

The main features seem not to be on-line, but there's a bloggish food section here.


The on-line version of the famous diners' survey books. I find the guides "frustratingly vague," "often contradictory" and "rather middle of the road" but they can be a quick way to find something decent. All useful content is for subscribers-only, there's really not much here for the casual browser.


some editorial reviews and lots of regular folks' comments too. pretty extensive.

The Weekly Press

Occasional reviews of area restaurants.


extensive listings from the Philadelphia City paper, with links to reviewed restaurants.


Printable menus from lots of local restaurants, from the Philadelphia City Paper. This is really handy, although the menus are not always complete, sometimes just samples. And I'll bet the restaurants don't update them as often as they could. But it still gives a good idea of prices and general selection. Also, the included restaurants change, so there is no guarantee that the menu will be there the next time to log-on, so, save the file if you want to have it on-hand. You must have Adobe Acrobat reader to view the .pdf files. There's a link from the site if you don't have Acrobat.


comprehensive listings of restaurants (and lots more about the city) along with short reviews of many. Citysearch also hosts a fair number of restaurants' official websites, many of which include the silly but fun 360 degree pan. There are citysearches for many other cities, so this is pretty helpful site if you are traveling as well. The site is a bit bloated with ads and features, and so is sometimes slow to load. There are user reviews, but they're rarely trustworthy, usually an array of conflicting opinions from who knows who. There's nothing to stop the owners from writing glowing reviews, or one disgruntled party from posting 27 insults.


listings, pricing, location and brief reviews, with links to opentable.com and more food info.

daily pennsylvanian dining guide

Lists, contact info and brief reviews

Philly byob.com

nice compact list of Philly restaurants where you can being your own beer or wine, with addresses and phone numbers.


Hosts a few local restaurants' sites, menus and includes some newsy features. Includes some restaurants that I didn't find elsewhere, so give this site a shot.


thumbnail overviews and statistical computations of user reviews. As always, anonymous user reviews should be viewed skeptically...


decent selection of descriptions and links to official web sites, but not much critique.


Thumbnail reviews and user ratings. Covers the entire state of Pennsylvania, but selections are sortable by city. Some oddly high user ratings for generic chain restaurants... you can interpret that as you like.


A short list with links to restaurants' official sites.


Listings with reviews and user comments.


Holly Eats

Reviews of cheap eats by the legendary Holly Moore, focusing on Philly, but extending all over the world. He's got great sections about hot dogs, burgers, cheesesteaks and hoagies.


A public forum for discussing just about anything regarding food. There's a very active and knowledgeable crew posting about Philadelphia in the Pennsylvania regional section.

Below are links to the the most recently active discussions in the PA forum, updated continually by RSS. (Currently the link goes to the first post of the topic, you may need to scroll down or even advance through multiple pages to see the most recent post.)

more complete eGullet RSS feeds for PA, NY and Toronto here>>


news and reviews of the Philly dining and drinking scene


Good reviews and photos of the local food scene.


Despite a recent overhaul, I still find the format tedious, and the level of discourse diappointing, but there's still the occasional good tip here!

BYO Philly

Extensive searchable database of BYO (Bring your own wine) restaurants in the Philadelphia region.

BYO Locator

Clever interactive locator of BYOBs by location, and even notes the nearest State Liquor Store if you need to go buy a bottle.

Mark Squire's BYOB list

Mostly a list of BYOBs, but with brief commentary, within an excellent site about wine.


The Gastronomer and the Astronomer tour local dining spots and blog about it.

Edible Complex

Elisa Ludwig (from the City Paper) reviews stripmall food around Philadelphia, mostly...

Main Line Restaurant Guide

Brief, but informative reviews of an extensive list of main line restaurants. Includes a form for submitting your own reviews.


"e" eats in Philly and reports back...

Messy and Picky

One vegetarian, one carnivore, dine out and cook at home, and blog about it...

Fatty R Bockol's Feasts to Famine

Archives of Restaurant reviews written by Richard Max Bockol, Esq. some apparently originally published in the Philadelphia Bar Reporter, along with some newly updated reviews for 2004. Some of the jokes are probably funnier to the lawyers among us, nonetheless, these are some very entertaining and informative reviews of places around town.

Lyle Ungar

Good, brief reviews of restaurants around town, especially concentrated around Penn in West Philly

Evan Sultanik's Semi-Comprehensive Guide to Philadelphia-Area Dining.

Drexel student's blog, with brief restaurant reviews, includes coffee as a rated category.

Stella Bites

A lot of cooking at home, but some comments and pics from Philadelphia restaurants too.

Minor Gourmandry

Nice combination of conversational blog and reviews, with some great photos of food and restaurants (and a fascination with cookies...) Sadly, this blogger headed out of town for college in the fall of 2005, so updates may be rare....


Rather random, but some good food chat if you wander around a little.


Restaurant reviews are just one part of this extensive blog, but there are many of them, mostly focused around Chestnut Hill (referred to as "CHill" which is complete genius....)

Craig on Food

Inquirer critic Craig LaBan's food blog, not consistently updated.

Philly Lunch Box

Originally compilations of other reviews, but now with a large amount of original content, and not just about lunch. Covers everything from lunch trucks to swanky high-end dinner destinations. Posts have been rare lately, to the point of it seeming pretty much dormant since the spring of 2005, but it's worth trolling around just for the protracted fights about Continental Midtown.


"The definitive guide to bars and pubs in the Greater Philadelphia Region"

Non-Philly Blogs:

Food Porn Watch

Links to, seemingly, every food blog in the world...

The Bruni Digest

Nothing to do with Philly, instead it's a blog commenting on the food reviews of Frank Bruni from the NY Times. The analysis of the sometimes surreal prose of Mr Bruni is so entertaining that I wish the Times would publish these reactions alongside his reviews.


A NY-centric food blog that also covers general food and food media topics, from Jennifer Leuzzi, a well-connected food writer.


A NY food blog with amazing connections, if you're interested in the absolute latest inside info and NYC food gossip.

The Black Table: Beer Run

WARNING!!! This collection of beer reviews is appallingly perverse, obscene, and reprehensible in more ways than I can count. It's also very funny. But really, it's not for kids or delicate sensibilities. References imply that some or all of the reviewers are from the greater Delaware Valley


all the other citizen-reviewers seem to have disappeared.... if you know of a good Philadelphia restaurant review site, drop me a line.


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